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White Paper Social Advertising

Facebook, Instagram, or a different social network: Which channel will bring you the best results? The decision depends in part on your campaign and in part on your specific goals. With a focus on mobile channels, we explain which platforms can bring you which results…

The right channel for your campaign?

According to current calculations, mobile sales from social media advertising are expected to nearly double by the year 2020. Social advertising is a rapidly growing market, particularly in the mobile sector. Today, Facebook has more than 989 million mobile users, while Instagram – a mobile-only app – has some 500 million users worldwide every month. These numbers are expected to increase. Among other things, what makes these and other social media platforms so exciting for marketers is their reach. What is important now is to effectively use the large number of targeting possibilities, minimise scatter loss, and pinpoint advertising material in a personalised manner. We have briefly, succinctly, and clearly presented the current status quo on these topics in our white paper.


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