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How to create interconnected shopping experiences

Mobile solutions are rapidly gaining significance, allowing for everything from reviews to price comparisons, mobile shopping, mobile advertising, in-store navigation, and much more. In order to set the appropriate measures for your business, you need professionals with many years of experience at your side.

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Best of all, provide services that your customers enjoy using! Our central themes provide you with means of advising and supporting your customer. Just click to find out more...

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Beacons are small transmitters with big impact.

They connect their POS with the digital world. Consumers receive valuable location-specific messages at points that are useful to them. Beacons can send information at defined locations during your customer’s shopping experience, for instance via the store’s app on their smartphone. This can inform the user about promotions, offers, and useful product details. A major benefit is that you learn a lot about the activities of customers in your store.

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Location based Services

Attention is a scarce commodity.

Location-based services help you bring local deals directly to your customers' smartphones – and at times when this information is actually useful. Mobile location-based advertising can target customers geographically, for instance when they are in the vicinity of your store, at the POS, or even in front of a competitor’s store. Using geo-targeting and geo-fencing, a precise approach can be achieved: the right place, at the right time, in a targeted way.

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App Management

Millions of apps are buzzing about the app stores, but few are loaded onto smartphones and used regularly. Does your app make it into the "relevant set" of apps among users? Is it used regularly? Continuous app management is essential to keep your app up-to-date. IQ mobile implements the important measures needed to ensure the success and use of your app. The result: high user engagement and customer loyalty.

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The "mobile" consumer conquers the world of commerce.

The smartphone serves as a separate sales channel for your customers and influences the purchasing decision-making process. Mobile services offer orientation, give inspiration, and provide support directly at the POS, allowing for a personalised experience. This means (almost) no limits to your creativity. The possibilities are diverse: inside POS, shop-able storefronts, generating footfall, POS everywhere, simple text message promotions, and much more.


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