Mobile Media

Mobile Media
A visual experience with Sound and Movement

Mobile ad formats boost engagement

The times of pure print and TV advertising are passé. Now, customers can be accessed via mobile devices and smartphones. What does this mean for you? No more scatter loss, with your messages reaching the right people in the right place at the right time.

10 years of expertise in mobile advertising

The web has been around for 25 years. Ten years ago the first iPhone was launched. In this young market, we have been advising our customers on mobile advertising and mobile media for over 11 years. Take advantage of our experience...

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Social Advertising

Social media – and thus social advertising – is a rapidly growing market, especially in the mobile sector.

Access to various social media platforms is generated at high percentages from the mobile side. This results in significant sales figures, which will continue to grow through social advertising in the coming years.

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Location Based Advertising

Attention is a scarce commodity.

Location-based services help you bring local deals directly to your customers' smartphones – and at times when this information is actually useful. Mobile location-based advertising can target customers geographically, for instance when they are in the vicinity of your store, at the POS, or even in front of a competitor’s store. Using geo-targeting and geo-fencing, a precise approach can be achieved: the right place, at the right time, in a targeted way.

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Mobile Video Advertising

Consumers are now increasingly informed about the products they buy – both before and after purchase.

They research them more on their smartphones, giving companies the opportunity to improve, enhance, or facilitate the purchasing process. The effectiveness of mobile video content is growing rapidly. Even if the screens of mobile devices are smaller, the possibilities for advertising are huge.

Mobile Advertising Material

Classic advertising campaigns are increasingly merging the possibilities of digital, mobile, and interactive channels.

The integration of mobile, location-based, and interactive advertising media is not only a sensible extension of any campaign, but also an enormous opportunity for brands and companies in all sectors, thanks to the highly individualised approach allowed. Read more about the possibilities at your disposal.


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