CRM & Data

Zero Customer Distance -
Your Strategy in the digital World

Creating interconnected customer experiences with mobile technology

Marketing professionals are looking for strategies for a digital world. Mobile technologies compete to create "zero customer distance", trying to come into closer, more individualised contact with the consumer – thereby increasing interaction and engagement.

Our services in the areas of CRM and Data

Mobile devices and technologies in particular offer a number of possibilities for an individualised customer-centric service approach. "Not Big, but Smart Data" is our credo. You will also be able to create lasting value for your customers by means of in-depth data analysis.

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App Management

If millions of apps in app stores are calling for users' attention, you must ensure that your app solution stays visible and attractive

App marketing is essential. IQ mobile helps you make your app investment sustainable, by ensuring your app solution is successfully positioned and recognised. We implement the important measures needed in app marketing to create lasting customer loyalty.


Messaging & Bots

Messaging platforms and apps are more popular than ever.

Already, the four largest messaging apps have overtaken the four largest social media apps. Customers can request information and support whenever and wherever they are – and in real time. Your business has great possibilities to engage in direct dialogue with customers via bot solutions or messaging via texts, WhatsApp, and more. We have been advising our customers in this area for over 10 years. Make use of our knowledge!

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Tracking & Data

Monitoring, tracking, and collecting data has a clear advantage for you

You will get to know your customers and those who use your applications better. Their behaviour, habits, and interactions become "visible" and open up information that could previously only be assumed when designing solutions and apps. A clear database simplifies your strategic decisions. There are countless providers, tools, and technologies available in the world of app and web tracking, however. With our years of experience, we can lead you through this jungle.

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Beacons are small transmitters with big impact.

They connect their POS with the digital world. Consumers receive valuable location-specific messages at points that are useful to them. Beacons can send information at defined locations during your customer’s shopping experience, for instance via the store’s app on their smartphone. This can inform the user about promotions, offers, and useful product details. A major benefit is that you learn a lot about the activities of customers in your store.


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