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What would you do for an adidas hoodie?

05.10.2017 08:55

In today's world, the point-of-sale, or POS, needs to be "smart" – capable of networking with customers and interested parties. Location Based Services (LBS) offer a variety of possibilities to achieve this. The target group can be reached at the right location, at the right time. We will demonstrate how this can be done using a recent example: the adidas store re-opening in Vienna's famous Stephansplatz square.

Location based advertising showcase: adidas store re-opening

The re-opening was scheduled for 7 September 2017. Location based advertising was used around the store, along with HTML5 advertising media, from 4 - 9 September 2017.

If someone clicked on the advertising medium, a responsive landing page informed them about the date of the re-opening and the in-store text message contest. The goal was, of course, to get as many people as possible into the store. Towards that end, the password for the contest was available only in the store. And regarding our question about the hoodie in the headline? This was the prize of the contest ;-)




In summary: Precision using LBA

The re-opening was a complete success for adidas. The campaign more than reached its goals. Unfortunately, we are not permitted to publish the precise figures... :- /

As this showcase revealed, location based services are suitable for short-term initiatives, like a store re-opening. Of course, they can also be used on a continual basis. Advertising companies can use them to target not only their own stores but also those of their competitors, for instance.

New technologies – new chances

As of September, we will have access to a new technology that has thus far only been used in top markets (the UK, Japan, and the United States): Blueprint® and Footprint®. These two buzzwords allow for precise documentation of floor plans using location based ads and – in the case of the Footprint® – provide the added benefit of analysing user behaviour by tracking users in a particular location.

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