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Virtual Circus for Herzkinder

05.04.2017 12:56


The smile of a happy child is a beautiful sight. Hannah is a child who smiles a lot – much more than her parents, who are worried about Hannah's heart disease diagnosis. At IQ mobile, we’ve set a goal to bring a smile to the faces of children suffering from heart conditions, as well as those of their parents. We want to help these little patients, of which there are 4,000 in Austria alone, to "escape" dreary hospital days. Because for a sick child, a smile can have a positive effect on therapy – you could say it goes straight to the heart.

A visit to the circus to see daring acrobatics is a welcome diversion during a hospital stay. Tapping into the many possibilities offered by IQ mobile's technologies, we make such a visit to the circus possible – thanks to 360° video and virtual reality.

In collaboration with the incredible team at "Circus Roncalli", we are starting the new "Teddy's VR Show" app for the Herzkinder Österreich (Heart Kids Austria) charity. This will conjure up three circus artists for kids to view from all angles by means of 360° videos. These can be viewed with or without virtual reality (VR) glasses. So much for dreary and dull hospital rooms!

Using an app and a code, the children become part of the circus audience and begin a magical circus adventure. The user selects a video, which offers two perspectives. The colourful spectacle can then be viewed as either 360° video or in VR mode (with VR glasses).


Heartsick kids and their heart’s desire

In Austria alone, some 4,000 children are living with heart disease. Many have to be operated on while still in infancy. The burden on the parents is enormous – and this is where Herzkinder Österreich comes in. The organisation has created so-called "Teddy Houses" where parents can spend the night near the hospitals where their little ones are being treated. These houses also offer competent advice and help answer the many questions parents have during this difficult time.

In most cases, these children and their families are denied a normal life. We hope to offer some distraction and fun by connecting them to the "Circus Roncalli" acrobats, their dazzling performances, and the incredible artistry of the Roncalli world. This is an initiative that we are truly proud of.



Austria to present the Herzkinder virtual reality project at MMID

We will present the "Teddy's VR-Show" app for Herzkinder Österreich live at the upcoming Mobile Marketing Innovation Day on 4 May 2017. Anyone who is interested is invited to come and check it out. You can use the code IQMOBILEMMID2017 to get a 20% discount on your MMID in Vienna. Click here for MMID Tickets>>

If you are interested in contributing to Herzkinder Österreich, just follow our link to the donation barometer. Here you have the chance to make your own contribution. We thank you in advance.



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