The importance of mobile recognition services for brands

11.04.2018 11:38

As augmented and virtual reality solutions enter the mass market, brands are starting to take advantage of this evolution in digital storytelling. IQ mobile will be on stage to discuss this topic at three leading events in April and May. Friends of IQ mobile get a special discount to join the action at the Mobile Marketing Innovation Day, 17 - 18 May 2018. You can find the promo code in this blog post ;-)

The difference between augmented & virtual reality

Virtual Reality is in the very early stages of development. This technology offers an opportunity to visit new places and experience new things. It's all about sensations, adrenaline, communication, and feelings. Virtual reality offers immersion into new worlds. It allows consumers not only to take note of brands, but also to expand their knowledge. Technologically, it offers great potential for products and companies to stand out by creating new worlds for their customers. It also promises great opportunities in the education sector.

Augmented Reality allows us to enhance our natural world using digital information, elements, or figures. Everyone can perceive a different world, depending on what is additionally displayed. AR breaks down the barrier between information and the real world, and can thereby make already available information immediately accessible at the right moment.

IQ mobile at upcoming augmented & mobile reality events

  • 16 April 2018, Start me up Monday, FH Technikum Wien: Virtual, Mixed & Augmented Reality - Game Changing Technologies? IQ mobile CEO Harald Winkelhofer will discuss the topic Virtual & Augmented Reality – what can these technologies accomplish and change? More info here >> 
  • 24 – 25 April 2018, Mobile Advertising Summit, Berlin: IQ mobile client consultant Karl Aschinger will speak on the panel The Next Mobile Game Changer on 25 April. Learn more here. The panel starts at 17:00. Additionally, the IQ mobile team is on the shortlist for the German Digital Awards on 26 April. We are nominated for TEDDY'S VR SHOW - keep small hearts beating, an initiative for the charity Herzkinder Österreich (Heart Kids Austria). We look forward to the event and hopefully to a German Digital Award in bronze or silver or, best of all, gold.
  • 17 – 18 May 2018, Mobile Marketing Innovation Day, Vienna: Day 1 features keynote speeches and a networking party, while day 2 offers hands-on workshops with more details and in-depth information on how companies can concretely implement new technologies into their everyday operations. Our client consultant Karl Aschinger will speak on the topic Game Changing Technologies - AR, VR & Neuro-Marketing. More information can be found via the programme, here. You can get a 50 Euro discount when purchasing your ticket by using promo code IQMOBILEMMID2018. We wish you two exciting days of learning! 

Our take at IQ mobile

In 2018, brands across all industries will explore how they can create more intense and longer-lasting brand experiences for their customers and prospective clients. AR and VR will thus become real and sustainable factors in the differentiation of brand perception. Incidentally, this applies to both B2C and B2B areas.

Last but not least: Wish us luck for the German Digital Awards! ;)

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