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The Best VR Cases for Google Daydream

03.05.2018 08:53

With our new whitepaper on the topic of augmented and virtual reality, we bring a brand-new overview of the latest market developments, including hardware, software, and best practise examples.

With its Daydream platform, Google has entered the virtual reality market, massively uniting all in-house activities. Two new headsets, presented together with Lenovo and Yi, work without inserting a smartphone – finally. Learn more about the Lenovo Headset here. It’s certainly stylish. Unfortunately we won’t get to try it out until the second half of 2018.


We browsed through a huge number of videos and application examples in order to compile a list of what we think are the best solutions.

The best 360-degree and VR videos on YouTube
Odyssey VR

At first glance, Odyssey VR reminds us of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. Once you get over the claustrophobic tunnels at the beginning, you enter into the infinite vastness of space and planets.



Atlas V Launch

The launch of a satellite into space has always been a special sight. It’s even more impressive in this NASA video, showing the launch of the Atlas V rocket.



Waymo 360 – Self-Driving Cars

The technology around self-driving cars is highly complex. This video by service provider Waymo gives you a better understanding of how the self-propelled technology solution works




Champions League Finals

Not everyone can get tickets for such a coveted event as the Champions League Finals. This video gives you great insights into the game.






The best apps and games for Google Daydream
Rez Infinite VR

This game is certainly one of the best showcases for demonstrating what immersive solutions can do. Technically speaking, "immersion" describes the effect caused by VR, which uses visual stimuli to guide the consciousness of the user, allowing them to perceive the virtual environment as real.


Google Play Store 


The Arcslinger

This is a very good example of how to expertly implement a shooter game, despite the limitations of a smartphone and glasses.

Google Play Store 

VR Karts

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a racing game – after all, who doesn’t like go-karting?!

Google Play Store 

YouTube VR

This app is perfect for showing others the possibilities of VR while surfing Youtube.

Google Play Store 

BBC Earth:

Blue Planet and Planet Earth are well-known documentary formats concerned with the wonders of nature. With this app, you can truly immerse yourself in life on the coast and under the sea.

Google Play Store 


U.S. basketball games are revered spectacles. With this app, you can experience a game live in VR. It’s almost as good as sitting courtside.

Google Play Store 


Our Take at IQ mobile

We hope that virtual reality will continue to be just as much fun as the medium becomes an integral factor in differentiating user perception and brand experiences. This applies to both the B2C and B2B sectors.

Find out more about our thoughts on augmented and virtual reality here.

Learn how to measure customer interaction in such virtual worlds – yes, it’s possible – here.

In order to show IQ mobile customers what is possible and to make sick children happy, we have invested in our own 360-degree VR app. Learn about it here.


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