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SME corporate app showcase

09.02.2018 07:03

Today, we want to look at an example of a successful enterprise app in the SME sector. The company Schuch.Travel has scored a world premiere with its "Bus dich weg" (or, in English, "Bus you away!") app from IQ mobile. The app offers an innovative solution for organising group bus travel – namely, on a franchise basis. By bringing together an association of tourism companies from across Austria, "Bus you away!" aims to benefit customers.

Download it here:

How does the app work?

Smartphone applications have already revamped many areas of tourism, including the ways in which consumers book hotels, flights, and sporting and cultural events. The possibilities are endless. Travelers stand to gain in terms of increased comfort, with smarphones enhancing convenience and user-friendliness. By easing the flow of information, modern technology can improve the travel experience and allow tourists to focus their attention on the sights and sounds in front of them, and experience moments to the fullest.

Travel providers also benefit, as they are able to save time and money. For instance, apps offer a very economical alternative to conventional devices as a means of leading guided tours – as "Bus you away!" shows. When using an app integrated into the traveler’s own cellphone, there is no need to issue a walkie-talkie, earpiece, or other acoustic receiver to the tour guest. Plus, these devices won't have to be cleaned and maintained.

Further, by integrating additional functions into the app, it can be used to collect data and gather information from tour guests in order to better coordinate guided tours for the future. Apps can also improve safety. An alarm function can be integrated into the app to inform the guest if they are too far away from the tour guide's radius and thus from the group.

Technical implementation of the group travel app The main features of the "Bus you away!" app are as follows:

  • Voice transmission
  • Simple, intuitive user interface (simple operation, easy access and uncomplicated use)
  • Accommodates tour groups of up to 60 persons
  • Voice – can be muted either by the tour guide's or the user's device
  • Signal strength indicator
  • Volume – can be regulated
  • Alarm function informs user when they are too far from the group
  • Internet acess / hotspot functionality
  • Push notifications, supported by geofencing After installing the app, these permissions must be accepted one time. 

When the traveler opens the app, an initial loading screen appears. This automatically seeks to connect with the tour guide’s wireless network box. If this is found, the app automatically connects to it.


User interface of the app

As soon as the traveler connects the app with the tour guide's wireless network box, the user interface of the app opens and the speaker/headphone function is activated. The start screen of the app shows a centrally located avatar representing the tour guide. This appears in "green", as being in listening mode. When this is activated, travelers can hear what the tour guide is saying. A volume control bar appears under the avatar; the user simply has to swipe their finger to adjust the volume.



Wireless network quality for voice reception

If the traveler is connected to the tour guide, then he is in the guide's wireless network. The app shows the quality of the connection status. If the signal is "Very Good", this is indicated by a green network icon. If the guest moves too far away from the tour guide or if the signal weakens, the traveler is alerted with a short vibration signal and the network icon changes from green to yellow = "weak". It can further change from yellow to red = "no connection". This indicates to the traveler that they should move closer to the tour guide.


We have summarised all aspects of the app solution in this video.


Our take at IQ mobile

At IQ mobile we are, of course, very proud of this solution. Constantly rising costs, new legal requirements, and increasing competition do not always make it easy for SMEs to be optimistic about the future. Innovative and customer-friendly solutions, such as this app, however, can solve many problems – and help SMEs compete more effectively. Younger consumers, in particular, are placing entirely new demands on retailers. Learn more here (available only in German):

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