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27.07.2017 08:37

Do you know about "merged reality" or "extended reality"? And do you have any idea what these new realities have to do with smartphones?

The easiest way to get into the topic is by using the example of Pokémon Go. While not everyone has played it, almost everyone has read something about it: a simple game where you can chase small monsters in the real world, seeing them through your smartphone camera. We wrote about it here (in German).

How does it work and what does it encompass?

Expanded reality is the computer-assisted expansion of the perception of our reality. As is the case with Pokémon Go, this often means the visual representation of information, i.e. the addition of pictures or videos using additional computer-generated information or of virtual objects by means of superimposition/overlay. See more on Wikipedia.

A precursor, however, which is also counted as an extended reality, is 360-degree video. Surely you've already seen such videos on Facebook. Today, they are an ideal opportunity for brands to provide a broad range of users with an improved video experience. Here is a current ranking of the most successful applications.

A nice demonstration of the meaningful and successful integration of augmented reality into an app is seen in Sephora's "Virtual Artist" app. With the help of the app, you can try different lipsticks, eye shadows, and even false eyelashes. There are also tutorials on how to use Sephora products correctly. Articles that are used can then be purchased directly in the app. Discover more about the app here and a video here.


A study by Ericsson on the topic of Merged Reality has analysed the following six areas within the framework of market research. These are expected to be the most affected by virtual and augmented reality:

  • Media,
  • Education,
  • Work,
  • Social Interaction,
  • Tourism,
  • Trade.


We at IQ mobile also see great potential for augmented reality. While the hype around Pokémon Go was still big, for instance, we worked to integrate retail opportunities with the application. Find out how here.


An analysis of early adopters has shown that the use of video is the most popular implementation/function for the future.

However, user-friendliness, as well as costs of glasses and/or associated equipment, is of great importance if these tools are to broadly penetrate the market.

Not surprisingly, in this area Google, Facebook, and Apple dominate current developments:


  • With "Virtual", Facebook sees the possibility to create a virtual network in which people can interact digitally in a completely new way i.e. on a virtual beach, together at a live event, or playing a game of chess. More here.
  • Google presented the virtual reality platform "Daydream" as part of I/O 2016. This is supposed to be an open operating system for virtual reality, similar to Android for smartphones. However, the beginning phases are proving difficult, since only a few manufacturers have made use of the possibility and the cost of equipment is still too high for the mass market. More here.
  • Apple is starting to catch up and introduced its AR Kit at its June 2017 Keynote event First applications have been shown continuously since then. More here.



Our view of merged reality

When it comes to "expanded reality", we see great opportunities for brands. In the truest sense of the word, they have the opportunity to create their own brand worlds.

The best entry point into this world is via 360-degree video. Here, you gain experience and at the same time have the opportunity to reach the most users.

We have invested in our own 360 degree and VR app to show what is possible – and, more importantly, to make children happy. Together with the charity Herzkinder Österreich (Heart Kids Austria) and the Roncalli circus we bring the magic of circus acts into the hospital rooms of sick kids. The children become part of the experience and enter the magical circus adventure through the app. Find out more here.

If you are interested in the topic and want to develop possibilities for your own app, take a look at our Fit4App workshop. Simply invest one day with us and we will work with you to find the best solutions to suit your needs. Find out more.




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