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22.05.2018 07:48

Together with MMA Austria (Mobile Marketing Association Austria) and iab austria (interactive advertising bureau austria), Google Austria presented a recent study on the "Mobile Page Speed" of domestic companies. With the help of the "TestMySite“ Mobile Speed Tools , Google Austria checked the mobile loading times of websites from the most relevant players in the areas of

  • Trade/Retail
  • Travel/Tourism
  • Financial Services.

This ranking shows which mobile websites already offer user-friendly loading times – and which ones still need to catch up.

MMA Austria and iab austria explain why they welcome Google Austria's "Mobile Page Speed" survey:

"As part of its Mobile Communications Report, MMA Austria has been investigating dissatisfaction factors in the realm of smartphone surfing for years. Non-optimised mobile sites are among the top complaints expressed by end consumers every year. We at MMA Austria are thus pleased to welcome the Google Mobile Page Speed survey as a kind of ‘positive listing’," says Andreas Martin, President of MMA Austria und CEO of media agency

André Eckert, President of iab austria and CEO of, says: "Iab austria welcomes activities such as the Mobile Page Speed survey, which is sure to give the digital market in Austria a boost. Thanks to Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) initiative, publishers can display content more quickly on mobile devices, significantly reducing bounce rate. This improves the mobile user experience, with publishers generating more marketable page views. Additionally, search rankings improve, making mobile pages easier to find."

Loading times lasting longer than three seconds face serious issues!

"53% of users abandon a mobile webpage that takes more than three seconds to load," says Matthias Zacek, Industry Head of Google Austria.

The Google Austria ranking of loading times (in the sectors Trade/Retail, Travel/Tourism, and Financial Services) shows that many leading companies have recognised the importance of fast mobile websites.

Nevertheless, a majority of Austrian companies can still need to catch up, as the average loading times of mobile websites across the three sectors surveyed shows:

  • Trade/Retail - average loading time of mobile website 9 seconds
  • Travel/Tourism - average loading time of mobile website 7.4 seconds
  • Financial Services - average loading time of mobile website 8.1 seconds

Some interesting facts on the topic of "Mobile Page Speed" courtesy of Google Manager Matthias Zacek: • The bounce rate of mobile site visitors increases by 123% with an increase in website loading time from one to ten seconds.

  • 79% of online shoppers who are dissatisfied with a mobile website say they will most likely not use the same website in the future.
  • Mobile criteria are becoming increasingly important for Google search engine rankings (keyword: Mobile first!).

Learn more about mobile page speed: From the IQ mobile blog: LINK >>

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Mobile Speed Ranking Trade/Retail

The full Mobile Speed Ranking for Trade/Retail (average loading time 9 seconds) can be downloaded here!

Mobile Speed Ranking Travel/Tourism

The full Mobile Speed Ranking for Travel/Tourism (average loading time 7.4 seconds) can be downloaded here!



Mobile Speed Ranking finance services

The full Mobile Speed Ranking for Financial Services (average loading time 8.1 seconds) can be downloaded here!

Website owners can test loading times of their mobile websites for themselves

Following the unveiling of the "Mobile Page Speed" rankings, Matthias Zacek presented the "Mobile Speed Scorecard" tool for Austria, which allows companies to test the performance of their own mobile website for the very first time. Based on this, companies can further calculate the sales potential of a faster website. "We are happy to announce the Mobile Speed Scorecard for Austria in a joint event with MMA Austria and iab Austria. This tool makes it clear that mobile speed has an ever-increasing direct impact on business success. Research, such as the Akamai Technologies study 'The State of Online Retail Performance', shows that accelerating loading time by even one second can increase sales by as much as 20%,” according to Zacek. Google wants to help companies from Austria achieve greater success with their mobile websites. This tool allows them to recognise the additional potential of online with the Mobile Speed Scorecard: "Mobile loading time is becoming an increasingly important factor in customer relationships, and thus an important measure of business success and branding significance as a whole."


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