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28.08.2017 08:19

We at IQ mobile see the chances of virtual and augmented reality as holding a great deal of potential for brands. These technologies will open up opportunities for consumers to create their own brand worlds – and thus pave the way for brand new experiences.

Of course, investments are necessary for companies that want to achieve concrete KPIs. How else can you really determine the return on investment? When it comes to virtual reality, however, the question arises: How can you measure and analyse the experiences of consumers in VR?

Our colleagues at Isobar, also part of the Dentsu Group, have the answer. They recently presented the first Virtual Reality Emotional Measurement and Analytics Platform. Emotional responses of users participating in interactive virtual realities can be measured, in real time and with possibilities for later evaluation.

How does it work & what does it include?

Isobar previously developed the Marketing Intelligence Practice and MindSight® Tool to measure emotional responses. For the next step, this tool was integrated into the iMotion platform, a biometric research platform that allows you to measure optical stimuli via software. Combine this with virtual reality hardware and software, and you have a solution to measure the emotional responses of customers during their interactive user experience.

The tool has already been used for the Unity game engine for the purposes of optimising the game and the player experience:

To jointly evaluate a VR solution, the Isobar tool provides the ability to watch the user's avatar and his responses during the interactive session. In this video you can see how the avatar changes its colour, based on emotional reactions such as interest, joy, or disappointment.

Our take on the Isobar Virtual Reality Emotional Measurement and Analytics Platform:

Especially when entering new communication channels or using new digital tools, companies tend to have a high error rate. The Isobar tool allows for major improvements both in terms of development and efficiency, since complex trial-and-error processes can be significantly shortened.

In the digital space, many brands face the challenge of presenting consumers with costly or complex solutions across great distances. Merged reality solutions, such as virtual test drives, virtual room and facility solutions, and much more, could enable a new form of customer proximity. Additionally, these solutions allow for real-time evaluation of the interactive customer experience.

If you are still getting a grasp on VR, AR and merged reality, take a look at our blog for an easy introduction to these topics:

You can even try out a virtual reality tour with our Virtual Circus app. Together with Herzkinder Austria (Heart Kids Austria) and the Roncalli Circus, we bring the big top experience to the children’s hospital. Kids can enter into a magical adventure through the app, experiencing the circus from their own beds.

If you want to know more about the Virtual Reality Emotional Measurement and Analytics Platform, download the whitepaper from our Isobar colleagues:




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