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30.10.2016 09:05

Chatbots - we've reported about them before, here and here* - are still in the very early stages of development and deployment. At IQ mobile, however, we've been working with something similar to "messaging bots" for nearly 10 years already – thanks to every text message contest we’ve overseen. In this industry, the attitude is simply: Go ahead and try it! It's by experimenting with new things that we are able to create new possibilities for communication and ways to approach customers. The advantage of a bot is that it provides the most efficient access point for information and services, with no need to open a website or app.


We can now demonstrate the benefits of this innovation with our very own IQ mobile bot, which delivers subject-specific news from the world of mobile marketing directly to your smartphone.



What can the bot do?

Here's how it works: The bot responds to a short text via messenger: "Hello! I'm your IQ mobile bot. I'll send you the latest news from the world of mobile marketing. What would you like to know today?" The chatbot interface allows for extremely efficient use. With only a few clicks, the user can query extra information about different subject areas, including "Top Stories", "Products and Services", and "References". The bot is connected to our website and provides current content from our blog, best practice cases, and information about our services and the technologies behind them.


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What makes for a successful bot? How should the design look, which tracking systems deliver the best results, and what does bot advertising actually look like? We can give you the answers to these questions. Contact us here to find out more:


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