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31.01.2017 14:54

How can a company best keep investors, shareholders, and analysts informed? Since late 2015, the Immofinanz real estate company has been investing in its own app, which has proven to be an effective instrument in the area of investor relations. Now, the company’s investor relations app has been updated - newly designed and implemented by IQ mobile.

With the investor relations app, the internationally operating real estate company delivers current information directly to the user’s smartphone or tablet. Investors and analysts have round-the-clock access to essential financial and company data, such as the share price, key figures, reports, or analyses. The app also allows for easy access to business reports and presentations. Further, users are given the opportunity to receive push notifications regarding key dates, news items, or important ad hoc announcements.

The app’s current development is aimed at aligning this offering even more precisely with the needs of users. Towards this end, new features have been added to provide investors with added value. For example, documents are also now available offline. The design has further been refined, improving usability. The latter is a decisive criterion for the success of an app: To win over the user, an app must be easy to use, relevant, and consistent in terms of content and performance reliability. If you want to know more about this, we recommend our IQ mobile whitepaper on app management.

The Immofinanz investor relations app is available in German and English, and can be downloaded from both the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store.


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