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Easier and more effective app marketing than ever before

11.04.2018 11:18

Now that the initial hype surrounding apps has died down, many companies are struggling with unsatisfactory results from their app endeavours. This does not have to be the case, however. Some time ago, we summarised the main reasons for an app’s success or failure: see link. Facebook is one particularly important information channel for many consumers and social media users – and it will likely continue to hold this role, despite current controversies.

Facebook Install Ads

With Mobile App Install Ads on Facebook, you can attract more users to an app while collecting useful data about how it is being used. If you integrate the Facebook SDK into the app, you can measure the following:

  • Installs
  • App events

It also allows you to

  • Add deep links to ads
  • Improve targeting
  • Encourage purchases
  • Create re-engagement ads
  • Measure app conversions

You can view examples of Install Ads here: 


With deep links, you can direct the user to a specific piece of information or a relevant offer that would be of interest to them as soon as they first open the app. This should result in higher conversion rates. User satisfaction should also improve, as users do not have to search for a long time or familiarise themselves with the app’s functionality first.

What other possibilities does social media offer for app marketing?

This is an important question. Specific social media marketing tips best demonstrate how to raise awareness and interest in an app, and further increase installations and usage time:

1. Introduce your mobile apps and games with a trailer video A trailer for a mobile app allows it to be easily and quickly understood by the target group. What is your app about? What does the app do? What problems does it solve? What are the most important functions? A good trailer should convey fun, demonstrate utility, express enthusiasm, and include a call to action – inspiring users to download the app.

2. Use content marketing for your mobile apps Share videos, screenshots, app captures, and other visually relevant content through your social media channels. Encourage your community to do the same to reinforce the message. When considering what kinds of content to use, always assess the entertainment value. Many users look to social media for entertainment, updates from their own network, or a simple change-of-pace. They love content that is unexpected, entertaining, and memorable.

3. Offer small incentives via your social media channels Create weekly giveaways with small prizes that users can enter by answering app-related questions. This is a very convenient and effective way to continuously attract attention and build loyalty.

4. App and social media marketing requires stamina Once you start, you can’t slow down. You have to regularly share content with the target audience, integrating them and keeping them involved, or they will quickly lose interest and turn away. New content must be added on a regular basis, creating a roadmap for your app and adding functionality over time. To start, focus on things that will provide clear added value. You can incorporate other features with time. Regular app store updates are also a great way to recapture the user’s attention. Make sure to demonstrate and explain new content.

5. Connect with blogs, publications, and influencers Connect with relevant blogs and publications to share content with their fans. It is absolutely essential to identify which blogs and publications are tailored to your target group, who their authors are, and what advertising opportunities are possible. Identifying influences with a "common cause" also makes sense. You can reach the same audience that your app targets.

6. Use the one-click rule to get more downloads for mobile apps and video games

Luckily, mobile apps are online and downloadable. So make sure that an app-download is no more than one-click away from the content you create and share. Integrate your content into the user experience. Do not make people hunt for a download link or else users are likely to become distracted before they complete the download.

Our summary at IQ mobile

App marketing requires on-going attention and a continuous budget. An app is not self-maintaining and must be permanently groomed, developed, and advertised. Social media can play a decisive role in the long-term success of your app, both as an advertising channel and through appropriate content.

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