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Advertising based on location & behaviour

22.09.2017 12:06

We are proud to present IQ mobile's exclusive cooperation with Groundtruth®: optimised location based services. Until now, LBS functioned on the basis of so-called radii. While these had the advantage of large range, they brought inaccuracies in terms of targeting and resulted in high scatter loss. This problem has now been solved.

How do location based Groundtruth® technologies work?

Now, the usual radii will be replaced with accurately defined building boundaries of POS/POI and their surroundings (for example parking lots): This is the Blueprints® technology.


The exact recognition of buildings is made possible on the basis of Blueprints® floor plans, allowing for more precise targeting than was possible with radii in the past.

The Blueprints® are complemented by profile data and behaviour information, known as Footprints®. This allows for more precise targeting and minimal scatter loss.

These new technologies allow for:


  • Visual, precise location information
  • Increased store visits of up to 149% compared to radial geofence
  • Precise reach of target groups. 

With a lead-time of around 2 weeks, IQ mobile can always "blueprint" new locations.

Targeting strategies this makes possible:

  • On premise targeting
  • Proximity targeting
  • Target group targeting
  • Re-targeting
  • Store visitation 

These are completely new applications for location based services:

1. On Premise Targeting Customer visits, as well as movements and behaviour patterns, are visualised and processed in real time. This allows consumers in the store to be reached at decisive moments i.e. at the point of purchase. 2. Proximity Targeting This variant comprises a combination of possibilities:


  • Loyalty Targeting – reach consumers in or nearby the shop.
  • Competitor Targeting – reach consumers nearby competitors’ shops.
  • Point of Interest Targeting – reach consumers near a specific location. This allows you to achieve the following goals:
  • Expand reach via greater awareness among the target group
  • Impact consumer behaviour with time- and location-appropriate offers
  • Encourage visits to the POS/POI via contact with advertising materials.

3. Target Group Targeting By combining information on real-time behaviour with strategic third party data, address the consumer in a way that increases the purchase impulse. Targeting possibilities include, for instance, single households, city dwellers, interests such as travel or lifestyle, and purchasing power.

4. Re-targeting Using the tracking of places visited so far and the appropriate advertising messages, achieve:


  • Control of relevant advertising material
  • The return of regular customers
  • An edge over the competition
  • An approach based on offline behaviour or movement patterns
  • The extension of the customer journey

5. Store Visitation The Blueprints® technology allows us to capture advertisements on the smartphone and assess them in comparison with actual business visits. You will receive detailed reports on advertisements and which ones triggered store visits. This allows you to pinpoint those customers who can be easily motivated to visit again.

How can Groundtruth® technologies help your campaigns?

The top brand "Paul Vienna" is well known in the Austrian capital. By means of hyper local targeting, target groups were precisely identified and new customers – such as fashion-interested tourists – precisely reached.

The relevant data:

  • Targeting of the Vienna inner city and 5-star hotels
  • Targeting along shopping streets
  • Map of 5 target group scenarios, multilingual capability
  • Use of different large-area advertising formats 

The result: 25% more in-store visits!

The Groundtruth® technologies represent a significant improvement over previous types of location based services. They allow for a "location-specific CRM solution" by which it's possible to identify current and potential customers, reach them with fitting messages, and track their behaviour at the POS.

Want to know more? Contact us at +43 1 324 53 360 or info@iq-mobile.at

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