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13.05.2016 09:21

It’s running made easy. A yellow Adidas "vending machine" built into a shipping container on Vienna's Danube Canal lets customers test the sporting goods manufacturer's current models, for 24 hours—for free. IQ mobile is responsible for the initiative’s registration and processing via a landing page and CMS.



The Danube Canal is one of the most popular running routes in Vienna, making it an ideal place for runners to learn about the latest adidas Boost models, and to give them a try. A shoe "vending machine" located directly at the Badeschiff—a popular spot where guests can enjoy drinks and music while swimming in a container set on the Canal—makes the shoe rental and return easy.


So how does the technology behind this innovation work? Runners register with, filling out a form, uploading a copy of an ID (driver's license, identity card, or passport) and confirming their phone number. Runners complete their profile by entering their gender, shoe size, and telephone number at the "vending machine" site. Once the registration has been checked and confirmed via a CMS, the runner receives a code on his phone. When the code is entered at the machine, the matching shoes are dispensed via the machine’s exit door. Then all that’s left to do is put them on and test them out! After the test run is complete, the shoes can be returned via the machine’s entry door.

Within three months, 1800 visitors were registered via the landing page, resulting in 417 applications. 


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